III Brazil-Argentine Microfluidics Congress

VI Congreso de Microfluídica Argentina

November 7-9, 2022. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Paper & Plastic; Printers & Cutters: Microfluidics out from a craft shop!

Microfluidics refers to the field of controlling fluids at the micro and nano scales with the surface effects prevailing over bulk properties. Being a platform, it can be used and applied to a large variety of fields from analytical chemistry to cell biology. The microscopic nature of its dimensions, often requires cleanrooms and sophisticated infrastructure, which are extremely expensive to acquire and to maintain. Because of that, research on Microfluidics is often limited to developed countries. In an effort to change that scenario and to make Microfabrication a discipline available to all, low-cost fabrication and low-cost devices can be achieved using simple materials from office or craft shops like paper, plastic foil, printers and cutters. The produced devices were tested and applied in analytical determinations using colorimetry, separations, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, bioassays, immunoassays, and cell assays. For this presentation, we will do an historical overview and focus on current developments on wearable sensors and organ on a chip.