II Brazil-Argentine Microfluidics Congress

V Congreso de Microfluídica Argentina

Córdoba, Argentina, October 23-25, 2019

The congress is the second joint initiative between the Argentine and Brazilian scientific communities in Microfluidics to strengthen the scientific and technological collaboration between the two countries and the region.

Microfluidics is a multidisciplinary scientific and technological area in accelerated development stage with fruitful intercrossed relationship with industry. Prediction and control of the behavior of small volumes of fluids (nanoliter to picoliter) at small scales (nanometers to micrometers) have allowed successful industrial applications from the inkjet printhead in the late 1970s to the present revolutionary development of lab-on-chip and organ-on-a-chip devices in medicine, pharmaceutics, chemistry, biology, physics, biomedical engineering and analysis (chemical analysis, environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, DNA testing, single cell). Possible advantages of microfluidics applications are: precision, control, small volumes, low cost, low energy, fast processes, and portability.

The first joint Brazil-Argentine Microfluidics Congress was organized at PUC-Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2018. The first microfluidics workshop in Brazil was organized in 2011 whereas the corresponding first argentine congress was held in 2014.

The goal of this edition is to gather researchers and students from academia and industry to discuss the most recent innovations in the field and involve a growing number of participants in the region.